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Terms of Purchase

David Abrahamovitz is responsible for the tours. In all areas of concern, he is to be contacted at or at +972-52-516-7028.


When registering for a student tour, parents and students are entering a financial arrangement exclusively with 'The World That Was,' and the educational institution is not a party to that financial arrangement. Any disputes or claims that may arise must be addressed by parents directly to 'The World That Was' rather than to the educational institution. 


Cancellation Policy


Please note down-payments are non­refundable.


In the event that the balance has been paid:

- Cancellations more than 60 days prior to tour – 90% of balance returned.

- Cancellations between 30 to 60 days prior to tour – 50% of balance returned.

- Cancellations less than 30 days prior to tour – no refunds. 


*If The World That Was cancels a tour due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund according to our ability to recoup costs.

For all inquiries regarding cancellations and refunds, contact David Abrahamovitz at

For Student Tours


-If a participant is asked to leave the tour due to a disciplinary infraction, he or she will not receive a refund, and expenses incurred are the responsibility of the participant. 


-In the event that a student's enrolment in his or her yeshiva/seminary/program is terminated at any point between registration and the tour, refunds will be subject to the cancellation policy outlined above.


- If the yeshiva/seminary/program deems a student unfit to attend the tour, refunds will be subject to the cancellation policy outlined above.

Participant's Name: _______________

email address: ___________________

Date: _________________________


      I agree to the terms and conditions

Signature _____________________

Parent's signature (if participant is under the age of 18) _______________________

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