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Jewish Holocaust Poland Tour
Jewish Holocaust Poland Tour
Jewish Holocaust Poland Tour
Jewish Holocaust Poland Tour
Jewish Holocaust Poland Tour
Jewish Holocaust Poland Tour
Jewish Holocaust Poland Tour


Day 1

Arrive at Warsaw Chopin Airport at 8:30 am.

  • Warsaw's Jewish Cemetery:

Meet over 200 years of Warsaw's illustrious Jewish personalities.

  •  Janusz Korczak's Orphanage:

Learn about the saintly educator who chose to accompany his orphans to the gas chambers.

  • Warsaw Ghetto: 

Learn of the horrific living conditions which led to the death of approximately 100,000 Jews.

The gathering point from where an estimated 254,000 of Warsaw's Jews were loaded into cattle cars and sent to the Treblinka extermination camp.

  • Mila 18: 

The headquarter bunker of the Jewish Combat Organization (ŻOB) - the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Heroes.

  • Treblinka Extermination Camp: 

Learn about the site where 900,000 Jews were executed upon arrival.


Day 2

  • Kotzk: 

Visit the grave of the Kotzker Rebbe and study a few of his life-altering life lessons.

  • Yeshiva of Chachmei Lublin: 

The prestigious pre-Holocaust Yeshiva where the Daf Yomi was invented and where you needed to memorize 400 pages of Talmud to apply.

  • Majdanek Concentration Camp: 

See where the original gas chambers and crematorium still stand. A main site of the "Harvest Festival", where 43,000 Jews were shot in one day - throughout world history, this is the greatest number of shooting victims on a single day. 

  • Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk: 

A Hasidic tisch (celebration) next to the kever (gravesite) of the father of a Hasidic dynasty, the author of the "Noam Elimelech".


Day 3

  • Lancut:
    Visit the picturesque baroque style synagogue of the town of Lancut.

  • Tarnow:
    Visit the market square from where Tarnow's Jews were rounded up and deported. See the horrifying remains of Tarnow's Central Synagogue. Learn of the 728 Poles who were sent to Auschwitz from outside of the community's mikvah - which is now a dance club. 

  • Zbylitowska Gora: 

The forest where 7,000 of Tarnow's Jews were murdered. Visit the mass grave of 800 Jewish children.

  • Krakow:
    Kazimierz Jewish district, home to many synagogues and the Old Jewish Cemetery.

  • Oskar Schindler's Factory: 
    Ponder the heroism of righteous gentiles.

  • Plaszow Labor Camp: 

Phone conference with Sam Weisberg, a survivor of Plaszow who was the houseboy of Amon Goeth, the Commandant of Plaszow.

  • Have dinner with a righteous gentile.


Day 4 

  • Birkenau: 

The Jewish Auschwitz. The factory of tragedy. Stand where the infamous selection was conducted by Dr. Josef Mengele. Witness the horrifying living conditions and latrines. 

  • Auschwitz 1: 

The museum of genocide. See the piles of belongings of those who were gassed to death. Look through the book of the names and history of 4,200,000 of the Nazi's victims.

  • Oswiecim Synagogue: 

The pre-Holocaust synagogue which is in the city of Oswiecim, 2 kilometers away from Auschwitz and Birkenau.

  • Czestochowa: 

See the tiny underground bunker where Jews hid for weeks in order to avoid Nazi deportation.


Day 5

  • Chelmno: 

The first Nazi extermination camp where diesel from the exhaust pipe of a truck was used in the gassing of approximately 300,000 Jews.

  • Dabie: 

A shtetl's shul which now serves as a Polish apartment building.

  • Lodz's Jewish Cemetery: 

Europe's largest Jewish cemetery. We will visit the tribute to Bnei Akiva, and the miracle of the 6 empty mass graves.

  • Radegast Cattle Car: 

Hear of the road to agony.

  • Lodz Ghetto: 

The Judenrat demands for parents to hand over their children to the Nazis.


Day 6

  • Shabbat in the functioning Jewish community of Lodz. Meet with Rav David Szychowski, Rabbi of Lodz's Jewish community.

  • Shabbat Day tour of Izrael Poznanski's magnificent mansion.

  • Meet a Jew who was born, raised, and has stayed in Poland.

  • Depart

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